150+ Medical Doctors Who Are Morons

So here’s an argument you might hear with regards to vaccines.


there are actually quite a lot of MD’s against vaccination, though their voices are not widely heard as they are sidelined by the MSM. This article links to a list of 150+ MD’s (no google degrees here) who have spoken out:

I guess they’re all crazy…


The short, sweet, and simple answer to that is, “Yes, yes they all are crazy”. (more…)

“But It’s Been Warmer In The Past!”

Here’s an argument you’ve probably heard n times already:


“It was warmer in the past than it is now without CO2 being as high, therefore CO2 cannot be the cause of our current temperature high!”

– Forum troll, ca. 2014.


So, now that you’ve heard that argument n+1 times, without any indication of mathematical induction kicking in… (more…)

Letters From My Crazy Uncle, Part 1

So I have this uncle, and he’s possibly the most interesting person I’ve ever met. He’s quite well-read, educated, and quite an eloquent speaker. He speaks his mind in a very brash way that many people find somewhere between uncomfortable and offensive, but my family and our tight-knit group of friends rarely took issue with that. He’s also a grade-A conspiracy theorist. Like, 9/11 was an inside job, big pharma is conspiring to kill us all, airplanes are dousing us in chemtrails, GMOs are designed for mass murder… You get the point. I didn’t think much about this in the past; I sort of ignored it. After all, most of what he said was fairly innocuous – JFK assassination stuff that I didn’t know was wrong at the time, 9/11 conspiracies that I used to also believe… (more…)

Peer Review

Q: What’s the fastest way to piss me off?

A: Reject peer review outright


Let’s talk for a minute about peer review, and address some of the phenomenally dumb things I’ve seen posted on various forums about the subject. For example, this lovely little snippet from a forum I used to frequent:


For near 4 and half decades the AMA has been criticized for its actions. It is a corporate entity that has warmed its way into being a policy maker for the US government. Its a politically entity and the crap its prints in these stupid papers are as worth as much as used toilet paper.

You are not scholarly, educated or well read for parroting this crap…your just gullible.


Yep, that's the brain all right...

Lovely, lovely person.


What a lovely person! (more…)