A Short Follow-up to 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon

Stupid link of the day: http://action.sumofus.org/a/chobani-uses-GMOs/3/2/?sub=fb


So apparently Chobani uses GMO foods. How do they do that – are the fruits they put in their yogurt GMO? Are they using genetically modified bacteria to produce their yogurt?


Cows? Their cows are genetically modified? Oh wait, my mistake. Their cows are fed on GMOs. Okay, remember how I spoke about 6 degrees of separation the other day when talking about how Monsanto “owns” the FDA? Well this is just hilarious. Even if you take the assumption that there’s something in GMOs that’s harmful, here’s the chain from GMO to yogurt: Corn -> Cow -> Milk -> Yogurt -> Human Consumption. If this were about safety, I’d say it’s the single most asinine GMO scare I’ve ever seen.  Apparently in this case it’s just about “We refuse to associate with people who use GMOs”. Apparently using GMOs anywhere in the production line is akin to original sin. Which reminds me… When I made that post talking about that image, I posted it to someone’s wall, along with a pertinent line of questioning. The response was… well, it was kind of amazing.


(Not included here: the part where I call her a fucking retard)

Look at that line. “I think they should always be held accountable for it”. It’s not even that they may or may not have worked for this company some decades ago and whether or not this is a conflict of interest; rather, it’s a sin that they need to be held accountable for. As if working for Monsanto is this horrible blight upon humanity, regardless of how long or how long ago. These people are deranged. This is a deeper look into the madness behind uninformed anti-GMO people than I’m really able to stomach.

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