Lions and Tigers and Propylene Glycol, Oh My! The Toxins Gambit

Here’s a truism that is lost on all too many alt-med or “public health” advocates: “The dose makes the poison”. I would feel somewhat remiss at this point to not remind you people that “truism” is defined by Merriam-Webster as “a common statement that is obviously true”, and wikipedia goes a step further in implying that it’s so obvious that it need only be brought up as a rhetorical device.

So, with that in mind…


Things I read on facebook: Monsanto and Bt


Source: on facebook



Getting information about anything from infographics on Facebook is a bad idea. This should be obvious. What should also be obvious is that getting information about medicine, nutrition, or food from facebook is an even worse idea, because there is a massive grassroots campaign of hippies (hey, they don’t call it grassroots for nothing) who generally mean well but unfortunately will share almost anything that perpetuates the idea that everything natural is good and everything to do with technology is dangerous or toxic. The end result is that if you’re friends with a lot of old-school hippies (like I am) you stand a very good chance of seeing a lot of really bad science in your news feed. (more…)

150+ Medical Doctors Who Are Morons

So here’s an argument you might hear with regards to vaccines.


there are actually quite a lot of MD’s against vaccination, though their voices are not widely heard as they are sidelined by the MSM. This article links to a list of 150+ MD’s (no google degrees here) who have spoken out:…ampaign=buffer

I guess they’re all crazy…


The short, sweet, and simple answer to that is, “Yes, yes they all are crazy”. (more…)